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Who is Blue Moon Oracle?

Deborah Ann Cianchetta innately understands the nuances and entanglements of healing trauma and  added challenges of neurodiversity because she has lived them.    Deborah has over 30 years in recovery from parental abuse and neglect that began in infancy and continued into adulthood.  She has  a unique understanding of pre-verbal and developmental trauma because she has done the painstaking work to  heal her own. Drawing upon the ancient wisdoms of her familial lineage, she has incorporated the healing practices of Italian, Celtic, and Kabbalistic traditions in addition to western modalities such as psychiatry, psychology and 12 step programs throughout her own healing journey.

She has successfully channeled this knowledge gained through personal experiences in helping numerous clients to activate their dormant

self-healing capabilities as they face their own

Dark Night of the Soul.


She proudly claims her place as a torchbearer, illuminating the secret path to the gateway to the soul, guiding the seeker into the Abyss, equipping them to face, embrace and release  that which no longer serves them, liberating them from despair, fear, anger, rejection and the like.


Her Gifts

As Einstein famously stated: “Everything in life is vibration,” and Deborah’s ability to tune into the vibrations of her clients enables her to identify the root causes of their emotional, psychological, and physical pain. Her compassionate and warm demeanor enables her work with her clients in creating a safe environment to heal where other methods have fallen short.

Because these vibrations operate on a frequency that transcends geography, she is able to tune into her clients whether they are right in front of her or thousands of miles away. Using an integrated approach that draws upon the varied but synchronistic traditions of her ancestors,  she coaches her clients through the most challenging and darkest parts of their healing journey. She is not afraid of your darkness because she has embraced, healed and integrated her own. Her unique abilities allow her to energetically assist clients by sharing the burden of their pain, easing their release process. This enables them to overcome trauma responses like fight, flight, freeze or fawn. 


Whether they are just embarking upon Shadow Work, have no idea what Shadow Work is, if they are experiencing the awakening of their Kundalini energy, or transcending to their 5D vibrational frequencies, Deborah’s intuitive healing techniques have helped her clients to find inner peace, manifest their soul purpose, and live their best incarnation-- liberating them from internal anguish. 

Her Healing

Deborah Ann integrates the knowledge of her ancestors with her lived experiences and training in ancient esoteric healing to provide trauma-informed holistic care for her clients. She uses a variety of tools and techniques, intuitively tailored to the individuals needs in order to assist in finally breaking through obscure internal barriers that have impeded them from living fulfilling, healthy and happy lives.

These include:

  • Subtle Energy Work

  • Kabbalistic Tarot

  • Somatic Expression

  • Inner Child Healing/IFS

  • Meditation Coaching

  • Trauma Informed Yoga

  • Channeling, Invocation, Banishing

  • Kundalini Attunement/Awakening

  • Soul Fragment Retrieval

  • Shamanic Journeying

  • Herbs, Oils, & Incense

  • Ancestors, Angels, & Deities

  • Crystal Healing

  • Magick

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