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Unlock the Divine Within

Honor the Divine Within.

Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo

A Kundalini mantra that helps the practioner connect with the Divine flow and self-knowledge we all possess.

Ong Namo means, "I bow to the Divine wisdom of All That Is." Guru Dev Namo means, "I bow to the Divine teacher within."

This mantra helps center the practioner for asana (spirit lead movement) or meditation practice and reinforces the connection to the Divine Mother within and one's own Divinity.

Kundalini is the primordial divine feminie energy asleep in us - some believe coiled at the base of the spine- some believe in the sacral chakra. We can intentionally awaken this energy or as in my case and for many of us - it's awakened via early trauma.

Christian's know this awakening energy as the baptism of the Holy Spirit or Shekinah.

This experience is the beginning....

She rises through our energy centers - today we call them our Centeal Nervous System- cleansing and healing. This is why when some people have big spiritual experiences they feel blissful initially and then may feel like they are spiraling 🌀 or losing their shit.

Many mistake this as evil entities or sudden onset of mental illness.

This is where shadow work along with working with knowledgeable and trauma experienced (not informed) practitioners is beneficial. Be open minded- fear is the flashing sign guiding us to our liberation and healing. Run towards it- not away.

No religion or person has all the answers.

Following a rigid set a rules is not helpful for neurodivergent practitioners.

In fact it can make things far worse and prolong our healing journey and self actualization.

If one has a trauma filled background - see a doctor and therapist too when possoble. Find support groups and friends who can hold space while you navigate emotions. We need to notmonlh be stabilized to so

this work, but to be capable of regrouping and grounding when facing trauma triggers.

Western medicine is not our enemy- ignorance is.

This time can be known as The Dark Night the Soul. It's duration can be shortened by simply understanding what's going on!

If you'd like to learn more - reach out to me via email

Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo

I like to bow to myself on my knees forward on the floor- not everyone's body is able to do this, that's ok. A nod in the mirror respectfully to one's self will suffice.

Traditionally (religiously) it's done 108 times. Not necessary. Do it once- or 8 times or 9 times or 10 times play it on YouTube and sing with it - we are stepping away from all restrictive rules and religious practices.

Our world is very different today then it was 1000s of years ago when these practices were established. It was never meant to be such a restrictive and rigid process- that's the patriarchy invading and attempting to control the Divine Feminine.

Enlighenment is not reserved for those who can dedicate hours per day- monks or type A personalities- or just for neurotypicals.

Adjust these practices so they are not burdensome - create your own system for your neurotypical brain that liberates not restricts- one free of shame and obligation.

So much love❤️

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