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Are You Ready to Scream

I stopped trying to be nice and stopped trying to forgive and stopped trying to “transcend” my anger, instead allowing myself to hate, to rage, to desire vengeance with out judgement of myself. I meditate to find the truth in me- not suppress it, not “rise above it”, but to acknowledge and embrace it- all of it.

The goal is not to transcend these feelings, or to out grow the feelings, but instead to embrace them and become one with them in total acceptance.

No part of me is bad, evil, wicked, holy, or good. I simply am.

I am Deborah.

I am neither good nor bad, nor wicked nor wonderful. I am.

Acknowledging the shadow - the hidden feelings, talents, and secrets, the things hidden in the dark- is the beginning of wholeness.

It’s in accepting the duality of our nature - as equal- equitable and valuable - that we can begin our ascension into our intended fullness leading to complete and total liberation.

Are you ready to scream? I can help

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