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Attune to the Moon Banishing

The Last Quarter Phase

The waning moon begins once Full Moon starts to grow smaller in in size. To wane literally means to decrease in vigor, power, and to become weaker. You may very well be feeling Her powerful effects right now As we enter into the Last Quarter Phase.

It is not uncommon for doubts, fears and self limiting beliefs to rise to the surface as the moon grows smaller.

Don’t fret my pretty — the Moon offers us Her releasing power and the exact amount of light needed to find and face our Shadows.

The waning period is associated with endings, releasing letting go and is a powerful time for both shadow work — the process of looking inward at the hidden and sometimes darker sides of self — and divination .🌙🌙🌙

The Last Quarter Phase is excellent for facing things holding us back using the moons peak releasing energy. it's a great time for ending toxic patterns and relationships, communicating boundaries and facing unresolved issue.

When dealing with deep rooted patterns - channeling universal energies adds immense power - aiding us on our healing journey, and easing the releasing process.

We have Mercury and Pluto in retrograde as we enter into Gemini season- it's time for magic, shadow work and the inner alchemy of integration. Check out my PlutoRX play list for more on TikTok.

PlutoRX in Capricorn has us confronting oppressive power structures within that have been holding us back. Where do we oppress ourselves? Shrink back? Mask? Why? Pluto requires us to get to the root causes- one way or another. Let's purposely use that energy and that of the LQP of the Moon to get rid of what is holding us back with a banishing ritual!

Banishing rituals are used to actively drive away negative and unhealthy attachments to people, ideas, belief systems or habits.

Below is an idea of what I use- tailor it how you see fit. Follow your intuition for your unique situation.

Be Wierd, My Friend.🖤

You will need:

A black candle

Pen and paper

Banishing oil (recipe below)

Charcoal Discs or a Fire 🔥

Fireproof container containing banishing herbs such as sage, rosemary or eucalyptus

Large bowl of sand for putting out the fire or a safe way to extinguish fire.

Protect Your Space:

This is where you can incorporate your protection rituals, cast a circle, call on the elements, say a prayer or simply set the intention that the herbs your burning will protect your space.

Light the candle

Light charcoal disc

Place herbs 🪴 on disc

Write down what you want to banish. Be specific. Don’t write self-limiting beliefs, write the specific belief. Don’t write bad habits or behaviors, write the specifics in detail while adding 1 drop of banishing oil to the paper.

Firmly tell it aloud to go away and never come back.

Light the paper on fire 🔥

Visualize it disappearing from your life, releasing you of its influence 💨

Envision yourself free of these beliefs, attitudes or behaviors- living your life unencumbered by them. Smile 😊 . Repeat your affirmations BOLDLY three times. Add affirmations to your daily practice.

When the ashes have cooled, dispose of them away from your home or flush them down the toilet 🚽

End your ritual by grounding energies into the core of the earth and calling upon the elements to protect you. You can even add a ritual bath and/or sleep with high vibe releasing music on!

Deborah Cianchetta innately understands the nuances and entanglements of Complex PTSD, MDD, ADHD, BPD and Alcoholism, because she has lived them. Deborah has over 30 years in recovery from parental abuse and neglect that began in infancy and continue into adulthood. She has a unique understanding of pre-verbal and developmental trauma because she has done the painstaking work to heal her own. Drawing upon the ancient wisdoms of her familial lineage, she has incorporated the healing practices of Italian, Celtic, and Kabbalistic traditions in addition to western modalities throughout her own healing journey which included western medicine, psychiatry, D&A treatment, psychology and 12 Step Programs.

She has successfully channeled this knowledge gained through personal experiences in helping numerous clients to activate their dormant self-healing capabilities as they face their own Dark Night of the Soul guiding them to emerge in one piece, equipped to carry out their Life's Purpose.

Utilizing an array of tools that include divination, energy work,and more, she proudly claims her place as one of Hekate’s chosen in bearing the torch, lighting the path, and guiding individuals through whatever crossroads they may encounter as they learn to honor, embrace, and integrate their own Shadow selves and finally heal the wounds of current and previous incarnations.

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