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Tarot & Oracle Decks

My Favorite Decks

I'm often asked about the decks I use.

These are my some of my favorites

and a little bit about my personal experiences with each of them. 


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The Muse Tarot

created by Chris-Anne

The colors and images are cheerful and inspiring, but don’t let the bright, flowery imagery fool you, this deck will challenge you in your shadow work - but very gently. Personally, I found this deck particularly useful when dealing with blockages around manifestation and creativity. I battled with a deep-rooted feeling of lack, an emptiness. I struggled with embracing a reality in which abundance flowed freely to me. This season was an incredibly vulnerable and painful part of my healing journey and The Muse Tarot  gave me such insight, inspiration and divine love. It provided the  light needed to illuminate a safe pathway to my restoration and healing.


The artwork is colorful, beautiful and thought provoking. The guidebook is full of inspired wisdom to assist you on your awakening journey. Often when we think of the shadow self, what comes to mind are the character traits that bring us shame or regret. We don't think about the aspects of shadow such as our talents or  optimism.  So many of us with traumatic histories struggle when it comes to having fun and experiencing joy.  For others, there was no "before the trauma" for us to reference.

The Muse Tarot card The Lovers
The Muse Tarot card Awakening
The Muse Tarot card Queen of Voices
The Muse Tarot card Four of Materials
The Muse Tarot card Six of Emotions
The Muse Tarot card Knight of Inspiration
The Muse Tarot card Queen of Emotions
The Muse Tarot card Ace of Voices
The Muse Tarot card The Emperor
The Muse Tarot card Six of Inspiration
The Muse Tarot card Queen of Materials

Our lives were in a constant state of survival, stifling our joy and creativity.  We need a Muse to inspire us. As a "Creator Deck",  The Muse Tarot will usher in the divine stirrings to aid you in locating the aspects of the Shadow Self that are creative, fun-loving, full of joy and hope.  

“May we learn more about ourselves and our souls, and approach our own creative inspiration with all the wonder and awe required to go beyond the rational. May you get to know your inner Muses, and begin a lifelong friendship with this magical energy that will always be there to light you up and to inspire you when you need a little…”

- Muse creator Chris-Anne

The Muse Tarot

The Good Tarot

created by Colette Baron-Reid

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The traditional Rider-Waite-Smith is my go to deck, but for shadow work, its bluntness can kick the shit out of you! Traditional RWS is not well suited for breaking through layers of self-deception. This is where specialty decks work best.  The second deck I purchased was the Dark Wood Tarot and it helped a lot - but it can be harsh. DWT is not written from a trauma informed perspective. After using it for a few months for shadow work surrounding my CPTSD,  I found myself in a shame spiral falling quickly into depression and despair.

As a survivor of childhood abuse, I had no problem taking blame---in fact, I took all of the blame---but doing so was not helping me heal.  I realized I needed something to change my perspective and to move my healing along.  I found The Good Tarot. The author describes it best: “The Good Tarot is focused on true prosperity and authentic love. It's about recognizing the many forms of truth and seeing the light that accompanies the shadow so you may help the light to increase its brilliance.”

The Good Tarot card Transformation
The Good Tarot card Chariot
The Good Tarot card Messenger of Water
The Good Tarot card Empress
The Good Tarot card Fool
The Good Tarot card Emperor
The Good Tarot card Nine of Earth
The Good Tarot card Ten of Fire
The Good Tarot card Star
The Good Tarot card Justice
The Good Tarot card The Hierophant

So many of us have the filter - our  inner critic. They can be painfully LOUD when they point out our failures, flaws and limitations.  They can speak up in tarot work---especially when doing our own Shadow Work. This deck works as a Loving Parent to help the  broken-hearted child within (my inner critic) to find solace in the arms of true Universal Love. 


For a season, digesting the  Love I encountered in this deck was challenging. Spirituality is front and center in The Good Tarot.  Encountering Love---true Unconditional Love---can be triggering when all you have known is rejection, abandonment, and shame. This deck truly helped me to understand that the Universe can be counted on.  It helped me change my perspective - helping me see the good in situations while not diluting the truth. Written in present tense, in the first person and with a a focus on current energy, the guidebook is particularly helpful when needing to ground in the present moment.  It's a miracle worker for when the dreaded 'shame spiral' hits.


This is a wonderful deck for beginners and experienced readers alike. The guidebook explains the details of each of the 4 suits in the minor arcana and includes basic numerology and information about  zodiac signs to get you started reading Tarot.  I really appreciate  the "no reversal" approach, especially when when I am dealing with emotional triggers or 'stuck' in my readings.  Overall this is a lovely deck and I often use it for messages from my angelic guides. 

The Good Tarot

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Sacred Geometry Activations Oracle

created by Lon

Sacred Geometry Activation Oracle Magic
Sacred Geometry Activation Oracle Prosperity
Sacred Geometry Activation Oracle Divine Feminine
Sacred Geometry Activation Oracle Root Chakra
Sacred Geometry Activation Oracle Authenticity
Sacred Geometry Activation Oracle Romantic Love

These colorful  cards are designed to trigger activations in the subconscious mind spurring personal transformations and breakthroughs. The colors, shapes and designs were created to expand your mind, providing a pathway into the unknown, to the  unfamiliar, and  the new - opening us to unlimited potential. The Activations assist  us in releasing our outdated ideas and personal limitations. Opening us up to our dreams and the beauty of magic in order to reshape our realities.


Prolonged exposure to trauma in children weakens neural pathways in the thinking and reasoning parts of the brain and strengthens neural pathways in the survival parts of the brain. Medical evidence shows we can repair these parts of the brain through regular meditation, CBT and DBT and other psychological therapies. Meditation, breathwork, tapping and yoga are part of my daily routine. Using Sacred Geometry cards in addition to these other modalities of healing in my awakening process has yielded miraculous results. 

They are “symbols, like codes that assist you in your journey of life”, and “can also can be used more consciously to bring about deep soul awakening and connection to our true divine essence. Sacred Geometry can be used to open up pathways and doorways to the infinite realms, as well as create connection to the oneness of all life, in nature and the whole world around us. Sacred geometry brings about certain effects of healing, harmonizing and rebalancing on all levels” Sacred Geometry Explained.   


I use these cards before shadow work to prepare my mind and soul to expand beyond where it has been before.  The activations are beneficial when I don't know what is I need.  In shadow work, we are going into the unknown - using parts of the subconscious mind in ways that we have not before, these Oracle cards help tremendously in my healing work.  When using the cards in readings for others, I am able to intuit using the colors, words and numerology.  The accompanying guidebook includes suggestions for  meditations for each of the 44 cards, along with a glossary of terms, the basics of numerology and suggested oracle card spreads.  The deck includes 7 Chakra activation cards. 

“To be powerful manifestors and creators of our own reality, we need to invite our conscious mind to loosen up…to let go…to step out of the way…so we can experience something new and transcend our box of beliefs.” - Lon

Sacred Geometry

Beyond Lemuria Oracle

created by Izzy Ivy

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Beyond Lemuria Oracle card Water
Beyond Lemuria Oracle card Stepping Through
Beyond Lemuria Oracle card Root Chakra
Beyond Lemuria Oracle card Home
Beyond Lemuria Oracle card  Harmonic Flight_edited
Beyond Lemuria Oracle card Endless Opportunities
Beyond Lemuria Oracle card New Blueprints
Beyond Lemuria Oracle card High Heart Chakra

I like to use this deck  when  I  feel an energy shift  and need explanation, as well as for insight as it pertains to my spiritual gifts, my role in the world, and to balance my energy. It is helpful in identifying blockages when I use it as a clarifying deck with any  Rider-Waite Smith based deck. Additionally, the  images are full of light body activation codes and the guidebook is includes suggestions for restoration, healing, and visualization. 

I went on a mission to learn more about the multi-dimensional beings that are healing and guiding me when I  discovered this  gorgeous deck!  Lemurians are highly-evolved beings with great telepathic powers that once inhabited our Earth. They had access to limitless energy and could manifest and heal almost anything. They could move between worlds and overlapping dimensions at will including backwards and forwards through time.  Same! 


The Beyond Lemuria Oracle Cards are full of beautiful imagery and profoundly encouraging messages for those in the midst of The Great Awakening. These oracle cards are made up of three types of cards: Chakra cards,  Elemental Cards, and Seed Cards and designed to guide us in our healing work, fully aware of our actions, intentions, and shadows. My guides have taught me, when we heal ourselves we heal the planet and one another and The Beyond Lemuria Oracle Deck focuses on the universal impact of our individual healing. 

Beyond Lemuria

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Dark Wood Tarot

Created by Sasha Graham with 

Artwork by Abigail Larson

This deck is great for cutting straight through the bullshit but, beware, it does not pull punches.  Though this 78-card deck is based on the traditional Rider-Waite tarot, it’s been modified by the authors for use in shadow work to examine hidden aspects of the psyche. As the deck’s creator explains: “Shadow work is the exploration of the repressed, unconscious, often frightening aspects of our personality. Illumination into the dark parts of our psyche makes way for self-awareness. It can bring clarity and joy while often unleashing a personal power because it takes effort to repress, hide and ignore elements of the self.”


This deck was not written from a trauma informed perspective, so some of the language can be insensitive and triggering, for example using phrases like “victim mentality” and referencing the “Wiccan Rule of 3” (which I personally do not subscribe to).

Overall, it is a great addition to existing decks for shadow work but if you have C-PTSD as I do, I do not recommend solely using this deck or beginning with this deck.  Personally, I do not use  this  deck  when I feel

vulnerable or have been recently triggered. If I feel led to use it under those circumstances, I combine it with a clarifying deck - typically something focused on love and light like The Good tarot (see above review) to soften the sometimes harsh blows of this deck.

If you have made progress in your healing journey and you have a solid foundation from therapy and previous internal work, this is a good deck to use. I like to use this deck when I am struggling to break through in a tarot reading for shadow work or for love and relationships. I have learned to reject the messages of self-blame and to ignore the harshness of the deck as I’ve healed through my shadow work. I most especially love that the authors set the intention to allow readers to interpret the deck in a myriad of ways. You can intuitively read, use standard Rider-Waite interpretations, flip reversals and/or use their full-size 291-page guidebook that includes larger artwork of the images from the cards. It is a great deck for novice or experienced tarot readers. If you are just getting started, she has plenty of information in the guidebook covering the suits, numerology, and various tarot spreads to get you started on your cartomancy journey.

Dark Wood Tarot card Seven of Cups
Dark Wood Tarot card Tower
Dark Wood Tarot card Three of Cups
Dark Wood Tarot card Queen of Wands
Dark Wood Tarot card Temperance
Dark Wood Tarot card Sun
Dark Wood Tarot card Strength
Dark Wood Tarot card Moon
Dark Wood Tarot card Fool
Dark Wood Tarot

The Modern Witch Tarot

Created by Lisa Sterle and Vita Ayala

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Modern Witches Tarot card King of Swords
Modern Witches Tarot card Eight of Pentacles
Modern Witches Tarot card The Hierophant
Modern Witches Tarot card Two of Cups
Modern Witches Tarot card Six of Pentacles
Modern Witches Tarot card The Chariot
modern witch empress_edited
modern witch emperor_edited
modern wtch temperance_edited
modern witch 4_edited
Modern Witches Tarot Queen of Wands

I love this deck! These cards look like my friends in its “diversity and all-female celebration of womanhood, this vibrant, fashion-forward, and colorful deck brings fun and fresh air to tarot!”


With the modern setting of each of the cards, intuiting a spread using the images is just that much easier. I love using this deck when I am confused and having trouble with breakthroughs as the author does not do reversals. Eliminating reversals helps me with situations that I find confusing when reading for myself, as I have a tendency to look at things as if the glass is half-full and can often gravitate towards an unnecessarily negative interpretation. As such, using a deck that does not allow for reversals helps me to keep perspective when I am struggling to get out of my logical mind and find myself asking: is this me or my intuition? Additionally, this deck is based on Rider-Waite which allows me to use traditional interpretations when I don’t feel like using the guidebook. I use this deck as a standard Rider-Waite often, especially when I am reading for younger people. The only con is how tiny the font is in the included guidebook. The stack of cards is

large (I have small hands) but they are great quality and have stood up to my method of shuffling and dealing using jumpers. Overall, a great deck for beginners and those looking for a modern, feminine-focused twist on the traditional Rider-Waite.

Modern Witch

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The Devine Feminine Oracle

Created by Meggan Watterson

The first major spiritual encounter on my journey into the darkness was with Her. I wasn’t sure what to call Her, I simply knew She was there, She loved me fiercely  and She was All  Powerful. In the presence of Her strength I was forced to face my deeply repressed views of the feminine. In that moment I realized that I believed women-  and all things feminine - weak. I discovered  in the presence of The  Warrior, how ashamed I was of being a woman. Tears streamed down my cheeks. 


 “You are a warrior”, She declared, I felt her tilt  my face by the chin, I quickly looked away.  A warrior? I didn’t feel like a warrior. I sobbed as I fell to my knees. Her words pulsed through my body, it was as if they shot straight through me.


I knew at that moment that the patriarchy was created to keep women, and those who identify as women, from this Awesome Power, from Her, from their inner Warrior.

Divine Feminine Oracle Card Our Lady Gua
Divine Feminine Oracle Card Isis
Divine Feminine Oracle Card Lakshmi
Divine Feminine Oracle Card Green Tara

Its  aim is to prevent us from stepping into the fullness of our Female Power. They are afraid of us- as they should be, because a woman who fully steps into Her Power is Dangerous - a threat to the status quo.


The Divine Feminine Oracle deck consists of “53 cards made up of Saints, Mystics, Poets, Priestesses, gender rebels, cross dressers, trail blazers and holy troublemakers.” A deck  full of diversity - reflecting a multitude of religions, races, gender identities, cultures, geography and mythologies. 


Each card represents an aspect of the Divine Feminine that lives in us.. It is the author’s intent that when you draw a card it is time to either integrate or embody the specified aspect of the Feminine more fully.


In my personal experience this deck has helped to heal my connection to the Divine Feminine Today, I know who She is. I call her Grande Madre, Great Mother, Buono Dea, Good Goddess. This has been an especially painful part of my healing journey. My relationship with my mother was full of violence and unpredictability. I am untangling those cords and I am still healing. These cards have aided me in the process by introducing me to the fullness of the Divine Feminine, instructing me in the deconstruction of my toxic views of women and mothers deeply embedded in my DNA. In combination with other healing modalities I have used this deck in ancestral and past life healing  of the feminine. 


The Divine Feminine Oracle comes with a 223 page guidebook that includes background information on the person or goddess featured, along with prompts for meditation and divination”, “When Your Soul Selects This Card”, a “Soul Voice Meditation’, and "Intention".

The Divine Feminine Oracle

Moonolgy Oracle Cards

Created by Yasmin Bland

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Moonology Oracle Cards Supermoon
Moonology Oracle Cards Full Moon in Aqua
Moonology Oracle Cards New Moon in Saggi
Moonology Oracle Cards New Moon in Cance
Monology Oracle Card First Quarter Moon

Humans have been working with the moon since the beginning of time. Currently There is a great awakening speeding like wildfire across the by one people are taking back their power and stepping into the fullness of who they were created to be. A huge component of this transformation is a healing and integrating of the feminine energies within. Many of us have chosen to harness the feminine energies of the Moon herself  for this purpose. Her light and steady rhythm the perfect guide for our path to liberation.


Moonology Oracle Deck  It consists of 44 cards, broken down into the 8 main phases of the moon. The Full and New Moon phases included a card for each of the 12 zodiac signs, along with Specialty Moon Phase Cards. You can be sure that, whatever phase or zodiac sign She is in, She always has a message for us. 

These cards are great for deepening your understanding of the moon, obtaining a firm grasp of

basic astrology and of how their energies work together.  When I read Moonology Oracle Cards, I alternate between intuiting, using my knowledge of the moon phases, zodiac signs and colors and referring to the accompanying guidebook. The book includes detailed teachings along with  divinatory interpretations.


Moonology Oracle Cards are my go to when I do Moon Phase Readings. They work well on their own or as clarifiers to enhance a Tarot reading. The cards are reliable when seeking information surrounding timing of events.  

Moonology Oracle Cards
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