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Career and Business

Finding Your Career Path

Are you just out of college or considering changing your career and don't know where to begin? Have you decided you want more than just a paycheck? Determine what your natural talents and abilities are  combine them with what you love to do AND pay the pay the bills. Discover your dream job and how to get there!  Book Now!

Career Changes
Be ready for the dreaded, "what are your strengths and weakness?" question. Prepare your self with the right mindset and attitude by uncovering hidden complicating and/or beneficial factors  to  ensure you make lasting impression.   

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Are you making it to the interview phase of the application process? What is preventing your resume from standing out?  Are you interviewing but not getting offers? Let's identify barriers to acquiring the job of your dreams!  Book Now!

How to Get Promoted

Ascertain how to navigate office politics, identify allies. and who is in the way.  Discover your key talents and how to showcase them to the RIGHT people and get promoted.   Book Now!

Starting a New Business

Starting a new business can be overwhelming. Is it the right time? Are you ready?  Are you ready to start your new business? Consult the cards to  take a deep dive into your life to anticipate potential obstacles and  determine next steps for a successful and lucrative business.  Book Now!

Identify Ideal Clients Meet your ideal customer and outline how to market to them  with guidance from the spirit realm. Who are they? What do they like?  Book Now!

Winning Business Strategy Clarify your team's direction and focus, identify potential obstacles and leverage  strengths and weaknesses of your team members to structure a plan and timeline to create a seamless end user experience.   Book Now!

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The Muse Tarot Queen of Emotions
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Tarot Readings

Personal Growth & Well-being


Making Tough Decisions We all encounter pivotal crossroads in our lives. Some decisions weigh heavier on us than others. Using Tarot we can lay out multiple options with likely outcomes helping you make the best decisions for your highest good.   Book Now!

Budget & Finance Tarot can provide guidance in area of our life. Using the cards, we can take a look at the weeks, months or years ahead to help you plan for the future.

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Meeting Your Shadow
Beginning Shadow Work is a transformative experiences. Getting started can present challenges. Turn to the cards to meet the aspect of Shadow that is ready to do the work of integration, formulate a plan for collaboration and more.   
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Cultivating Self Love

Identifying what we need can be challenging for those of us with complex trauma. We were not shown love or care and it is not natural for us to show it to ourselves in a healthy way. Turn to the cards to help identify what it is you need, right now for your highest good and the best way to go about it in your daily life.   Book Now!

Chakra Diagnosis 

Explore your Chakra's using the Tarot to diagnose your state of mind and overall well-being.  *We are not medical professionals. Do not use  in lieu of medical advice.     Book Now!

Lunar Phases: Working with the Moon
New Moon - Set intentions for the lunar cycle tailored to your specific needs and find solutions to practical application. 

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Waxing - Use the power of this moon with the tarot to identify hurdles to attracting and abundance in your life. 

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Full Moon - Capitalize on the energy of the full moon to unlock your fullest manifesting potential.  Its the time to make adjustments and the cards can help pinpoint obstructions and provide counsel on modifying your pathway to manifesting your heart's desires.   Book Now!

Waning - The releasing energy of the disseminating moon is the perfect time for shadow work. This is the time to identify blockages, self limiting beliefs, and to assess boundaries in relationships. As the moon decreases in size, She is able to enlightenment  you, for your highest good through the Tarot.  

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Love & Relationship


Readiness for Love You have been doing the healing work, clearing karmic debts, but are you ready for love?  What steps are needed to prepare you for a healthy relationship? Book Now!


The New Person in Your Life Have you met someone new? Do yo have reservations or are you excited? What are they like? Are you compatible? There are a lot of questions when new romance is budding. You don't need to be in the dark.  Book Now!


Since You’ve Been Gone Sometimes it is hard to let go, especially without proper closure. What are they doing? How are they feeling? Is there a chance of reconciliation?  There are some relationships where one final check in is needed to help make the decision to move on or stick it out.  Book Now!


Relationship Check-In  How are things really going in your current relationship? Has communication changed? Are you feeling unsettled? Sometimes our past haunts us causing us to worry for no reason, other times our intuition is nudging us - telling us that something is not right. It can be difficult to gain perspective when you are in the thick of things. Tarot can provide objective insight to what is really going on and  advice for moving forward. Book Now!


When Things Go Wrong  All relationships struggle. Couples argue. Are you wondering if your relationship can survive the recent struggles?  What can you do to repair things - is it salvageable?  Book Now!

The Practicality of Tarot

How Tarot Can Add Value to Your Life

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