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The Power of the Moon in Shadow Work: The Waxing Crescent

Divination is an integral part of my #shadowwork -no different or any less important than therapy, medication, meditation and yoga in my recovery from Complex-PTSD.

Surrendering to the power of the moon and tapping into planetary energies has been nothing short of miraculous in my recovery from Complex- PTSD. Adding esoteric and magical practices to my treatment plan catapulted my recovery in ways that therapy and medication alone had not been able to do in over a decade of consistent treatment. I am a brand new person — I am no longer driven by underlying terror and I am compelled to share my experiences and that’s what brings me here — my desire to share with you how the magical and mystical transformed my life. It was with The Moon herself that my journey began. My name is Deborah, and I am a witch — more specifically I am Shadow Witch. Let’s talk moon magick…

As it relates to our New Moon Intention Tarot Reading — many of us are stuck at the reverse 3 of Wands, unable to move forward. There is a need for expansion, growth, and action, along with a need for self confidence and determination to push through obstacles, upcoming delays and setbacks shown in the reverse Ace of Pentacles.

The Fool and the King of Pentacles made an appearance in the reading for our areas of focus this lunar cycle — we were asked to be optimistic, expect good things, and to pursue our goals one step at a time — with consistent action. It’s time to move out of the planning phase into the doing phase — making Sunday the perfect day for my Waxing Crescent Ritual Bath!

Sunday brings us the masculine energy of the Emperor — Aries which is the energy we channeled for our New Moon in Aries Tarot Reading. Sunday is all about growth, personal power and goals. It’s ruled by the Sun. The Sun has the power to break down the energies that have been holding you back, it activates the stuck energies to get them moving. It’s also the perfect partner for our Solar Plexus. Sunday — the day of the Sun is just right for planning big things for the week ahead. All in all it is prefect match for the feminine energies of the Waxing Crescent Moon for some transformative #moonmagick.

Make plans for this Sunday for this magical ritual bath! The oils, herbs, and other ingredients will work with the energies of the Sun and the Moon, combined with your intentions to unstick blockages and get your energy flowing through your chakras while super charging your Solar Plexus.

You can use fresh herbs, essential oils or go straight to your spice cabinet #mccormickcoven. I did not include amounts of the oils/herbs — go with your gut here. Use more of the scents you like, less of those you don’t. The most important ingredients are your intentions, the Epsom salt and ginger. If you don’t have everything — don’t panic.

You are the magic.

Clear your space, light your candle, prepare your bath, set your intentions, play some #highvibe music and relax for at least 30 minutes. Rinse with cool water, drink an herbal tea and get some rest. That’s it.

Spirit has advised me that some of you need to call on the power of one of these 7 cards during your ritual. Trust your instincts.

Empress, Emperor, Lovers, Chariot, Strength, The Sun, The World


Blue Moon Oracle — Shadow Witch

Check out my New Moon in Aries Tarot Reading below to help you set your intentions this lunar cycle!

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