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How to Protect Your Energy

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

"How do you protect your energy as an empath and not feel drained?”

As an empath and a healer I can relate!! It was only a few months ago I found myself asking the same questions. I went to my spirit guides and sought advice. I knew walking away from my soul's purpose was not an option, but I could not go on feeling drained and isolated!

First, my Goddess Guides told me that NOTHING on this earth, no entity or energy is more powerful than me - unless I give it power. Here's the thing with energetic power - even when we give it away, we can take it back! Before you move forward, take a few moments and ask yourself what are you afraid of? What are your fears about the supernatural? Write it down. Then declare out loud' "Nothing on earth is more powerful than me. I have complete dominion over my energetic space!" Now, one by one take your power back from each fear and place it back in the Power Energy Center. Picture bright yellow as you do this.

advised me I needed to establish a connection to a source outside of myself. Here’s what I do to keep a constant supply of protection and energy in and around me.

1. Daily Meditation Practice

During my meditation time I practice breath work and connect with the Great Mother. I channel energy from the earth to heal, cleanse, and release negative or harmful energies from my chakra system.

I call upon the 5 elements and use them to heal and protect me.

I channel my ancestors, spirit guides, angels, and deities to ask questions and receive advice as well as healing and protection. The time that I spend connecting with other realms and dimensions also adds to super-charging and protecting my energy by increasing my vibration.

I do yoga, sometimes divination, and other times, energy work. Sometimes all of the above. I allow my intuition to guide me. It’s critical to consistently hold space to allow for these connections.

Your meditation time may look different. That’s ok. What is important is consistency, connecting with self and then, the energy around you. (Whatever you call that energy.)

We don’t have to go through our days alone! We are co-creators with the spirit realm with access to unlimited “fuel” around us.

2. Crystals

At the very least, I wear Labradorite and Moldavite and carry Black Tourmaline with me. I try to wear something like Kiwi Jasper to protect my aura and keep me aligned. I also consistently wear Prehnite. A great stone for healers, it helps us to be sympathetic and not empathetic. Prehnite seals the energetic field around us from negative energy. Some other helpful stones for empaths and healers are: Obsidian, Smokey Quartz, Amethyst, Onyx, Shungite, Garnet, Carnelian, Hematite, Red Jasper, Fluorite, Tiger’s Eye, and Selenite

3. Hydration

So simple, yet so hard to stay on top of! Water is super important. When we are dehydrated we are left fatigued and our physical pain worsens. Both of these situations can lead to feelings of depression and weakness - thus making us vulnerable energetically. Our body needs water to be able to flush the toxins out of our body from shadow and energy work.

4. Vitamins and Supplements

Given that I channel my spirit guides regularly I am often advised by them as to what types of supplements and vitamins my body needs. Being in tune with our body and connected to the spirit realm awakens our inner knowing of how to heal our physical and energetic bodies.

5. Shadow Work

My personal healing is a priority and a part of my regular routine. I see a therapist, do my 12-step work, use energy healing, and consult tarot and oracle cards. I make it a priority to heal myself - mind, body and soul.

I know you've probably heard the term "energy vampire" and some of you may even feel like a slave to them as I once did. There’s a misconception that as empaths we are at the mercy of people around us. Thankfully, it’s just not true!

When we have unresolved and unhealed trauma in our energetic bodies we unknowingly reach out to heal others, to feel a sense of connection, and to be grounded. All of this is done subconsciously to combat our deeply-rooted feelings of abandonment and rejection.

Cord removal is helpful here. Cords can attach making it hard to let go and they can increase suffering. They can cause us to return to unhealthy situations and repeat self-destructive patterns. Do not cut cords!! The cords need to be removed by the root and the space they were attached to must then be healed.

As I stay connected to Source and my spiritual team, I have discovered a sense of belonging, true acceptance, and wholeness.

I don’t need to reach out to others energetically to fill these voids or to act as a healing balm for my wounds because they are being healed from within.

I am no longer drained by other people because I’m not giving my power away as a means to feel loved and valuable. Instead, through my daily practice I am healing the parts of me that were reaching out energetically in unhealthy ways.

6. Protection

The best way to protect ourselves is to remove ourselves from toxic situations and relationships. Love ourselves enough to create a safe and stable environment for us to heal and grow in.

That isn’t always easy or possible.

When we are unable to remove ourselves or are not ready to, boundaries are extremely important. I need to communicate what is OK and what is not OK with how to treat me. I teach people how to treat me. I learn to control that which I can control, and release things I cannot. A releasing ritual like the one below can add power to your efforts.

Once I know that I have worth beyond measure, I am able to say "no" easily because I’m not seeking acceptance or validation from others and I am safeguarding my own energy.

Finally, Lilith and Hecate both advised me “nothing on this earth from any dimension or any realm is more powerful than me unless I give it power."

Spells and talismans are helpful here as well. I really enjoy bath rituals. You can simply modify this easy bath ritual below with essential oils and herbs geared towards protection and cleansing.

7. Transmutation

With transmutation, I intentionally absorb the negative energy hold it in my lungs and change it before exhaling it out into the world. For instance, I take fear and transmute it to hope. Transmutation is a great tool for shifting the energy in and around you. It is done consciously and works immediately. I like to picture the energy as murky and then surround it with white light or a violet flame or I sometimes use green energy from the heart chakra, as that is our healing center.

The good news is that we can continue to do what we were called to do and remain full of energy by carving out time to connect internally and with higher vibration energies around us. It may be challenging at first to meditate but like any exercise, the more you do it, the easier it gets. The results are more than worth the effort.

Some things to consider:

  1. Where can you take back your power today?

  2. What next steps will you take to establish your own personal power?

  3. What is one thing can you commit to do daily to protect your energy?

Let me know what you plan to do to take dominion over your energy!

The spirit in me recognizes, loves, values, and appreciates the spirit in you. As you work to heal yourself, you work to heal the collective. Keep up the brave work of looking inward, beautiful soul warrior.


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