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Using the Power of the Moon to Release Self-Limiting Beliefs

When shadows appear.

Before you begin this work.

A note from the Author

Trigger Warning. It is not safe for some of us to do shadow work alone.

For those with a background of trauma and mind health issues, I strongly encourage you to begin your journey inward with a therapist and consult with medical professionals. If you are struggling with drugs and/or alcohol, self harm, or eating disorders, as is common for those of us with trauma, please seek help.

I have been in recovery from Complex -PTSD for 20+ years, sober for nearly 10 years, clean from self harm for about 5 years and from eating disorders for nearly 3 years. I am supported by an amazing therapist of 11 years,my psychiatrist for 7 and a solid support network of family and friends. I have not recovered alone, nor should you, Starseed.

It is absolutely critical we deal with the most destructive and dangerous coping skills, before we start digging into our psyche and doing energy work. I want you to be safe. I care about you and your overall well being. We need therapeutic support. Sometimes psychiatric. Remember doctors are healers too.

Attuning to the moon, shadow work and energy healing have catapulted my recovery — but they are all in addition to therapy, psychiatry and 12 step programs. Please take advantage of all the 21st century has to offer you for your healing mind, body and soul. You are worth it. Be safe. Build your recovery team, engage your trusted family and friends. I will be here when you are ready. We can attune to the moon when you are stable, sober and supported.

The Waning Moon

The waning moon begins once Full Moon starts to grow smaller in in size. To wane literally means to decrease in vigor, power, and to become weaker, and Starseed, you may very well be feeling Her powerful effects right now.

It is not uncommon for doubts, fears and self limiting beliefs to rise to the surface over the next week or so. As the Moon’s light dim our shadows will appear.

Don’t fret my pretty — the Moon offers us Her releasing power and the exact amount of light needed to find and face our Shadow.

One way our Shadow manifests is self — limiting beliefs. The waning period is associated with endings, releasing letting go and is a powerful time for both shadow work — the process of looking inward at the hidden and sometimes darker sides of self — and divination

What are self-limiting and core beliefs?

Self-limiting beliefs are ideas we hold as truths that prevent us from producing the results we desire in relationships, at work, and at home. They limit us from reaching our greatest potential.

Core beliefs are basic beliefs about ourselves, other people, and the world we live in. These are absolute truths- rules that govern the way the think, feel and behave. They are what we believe to be true at the deepest level. Core beliefs are established from our experiences in childhood — how we were treated and through what we observed around us. Sometimes are core beliefs can be self-limiting and sometimes our limiting beliefs support negative core belief about ourselves.

When I was nine, our family was at a go-cart event. I don’t remember why I was upset, but I was sitting by myself nursing my feelings quietly. My father looks at me with disgust and says mockingly, ‘Everyone, look at Deborah over there pouting, she always has to ruin everyone’s day!’ As you can imagine, I was heartbroken. I remember that moment very clearly.

The self — limiting beliefs that were created from that moment were

  1. I am responsible for managing other people’s feelings.

  2. Other’s peoples happiness and wellbeing are my responsibility.

Negative core beliefs developed from this interaction (and others like it)

  1. I ruin everything.

  2. I can fix (control) other people.

  3. My feelings don’t matter.

  4. I have to be perfect.

Why Shadow Work?

The shadow operates on its own without our full awareness. We are on auto-pilot. Our unconscious is in control.

We do things we would not choose to do, if given time to pause or go back in time. We say things we regret. Our tone and facial reactions express emotions we don’t actually feel.

Shadow work can lead to an improved sense of who you are, clearer perception in every area of your life, improved relationships, enhanced energy and physical health, abundance, peace, harmony, emotional and psychological maturity.

Let’s get started: Identifying Self-Limiting Beliefs

  1. Schedule time to sit down with a journal, a pen, a candle, and some high frequency music and an appointment with a therapist.

  2. Keep your commitment — tell someone about it to hold yourself accountable.

  3. Show up for yourself on time. Get comfortable. Light your candle. Close your eyes. Take 8 slow an steady breaths; on the inhale grow your belly bigger and on the exhale, pull your belly button into your spine. Connect with yourself.

  4. Optional: Invite Angels, guides, ancestors, deities — ask for guidance and assistance.

  5. Take stock of the various areas of your life- finances, business, romantic relationships, parenting, domestic responsibilities. Where are you not getting the results you desire regardless of how much you try?In what areas of your life are the results you getting out of alignment with what you truly desire? Where are you afraid? Scroll down for prompts.

  6. Start with one area — with one belief. Write it down.

  7. Ask yourself why. Accept the answer that comes. Be an objective observer of your thoughts. Allow feelings to come up, feel them, and question them too. Why am I feeling fear or sadness? Your mind will answer you. Receive the answers.

  8. Ask yourself “What does this mean about me? Keep asking this question until you identify the core belief about self. (See Image Below: Conversation with Shadow)

  9. Once you have identified your core belief about self — love yourself through the emotions. Allow your feelings to rise and be released. GOOD JOB! YOU ARE AMAZING!!

  10. Identify the opposite belief and say it out loud 3 times. WRITE THEM DOWN. Tape it to your bathroom mirror, your coffee pot, your desk at work. I have included a graphic with common core beliefs and affirmations to get you started. Google is your friend, find ones that work for you. We have to replace that old self — limiting belief with a new positive, affirming one. You don’t have to believe your new affirmations. Say them anyway.

  11. Treat yourself to a ritual releasing bath below and rest. We have more work to do, Starseed. For now congratulate yourself on the work you have done. Be proud of yourself. Affirm your value and worth. You have intrinsic value simply for being you. Share your discoveries with your therapist and trusted inner circle. Don’t do this alone.

If you are struggling to identify self-limiting beliefs,let’s consult the tarot and see how you can benefit from energy work. You can book with me here .

Join me on this amazing journey here → Blue Moon Oracle

Common self limiting beliefs:

Releasing Ritual Bath

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