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Recovery from Complex PTSD

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

Emotional regulation is possible — recovery from chronic trauma can be more than just “incremental progress”. We can heal and begin the journey of living full authentic lives free from fear. Right now.

Check out my short video below where I discuss my diagnosis of Complex-PTSD and my journey of recovery.

Shadow work, the tarot, energy healing, yoga, pranayama breathing, ongoing therapy, psychiatric care, and in my case, a 12 step recovery program is magical spell for success.

A door was opened for me that has allowed me to finally break destructive cycles of behavior of self abuse and self neglect, to complete integration, to be present in my life and to ultimately have hope for my future without fear of the unknown.

Most importantly: I have a new found freedom from the underlying terror and doom that tormented me my entire life, compelling, me driving me and quite often completely debilitating me.

I can’t wait to share this journey of enlightenment and liberation with you!

Join me, let’s venture into the darkness. I commit to hold this sacred space for as you embark on the most transformative journey of your life. You are not alone. Namaste.

Brief Introduction Video

C/W Childhood Abuse and Adult Language

Full Length Video

C/W Childhood Abuse and Adult Language

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